Handmade Bath Products

At Evening Woods our motto is 'bringing the beauty of nature into every home.' Our customers can see that in everything we create. Our natural handmade bath products are made using the finest ingredients available. Our natural handmade jewelry uses high-quality materials as the base for beautiful works of art. Check out all our products online at eveningwoods.com or visit us in person if you are located near Queens, NY or Yonkers, NY. 

We have tons of beautiful handmade jewelry pieces, such as our Bear Burgundy Choker. It is a one of a kind charmed choker. Made with burgundy velvet ribbon and a clasp that easily connects. It is fit for a medium neck, but if you think your neck is thicker or thinner, message us and we will adjust it accordingly. The bear symbolizes bravery, peace, resurrection, power, benevolence, motherhood and duality. 

In addition, have a look at our Olive Fox Choker. In this choker, the beautiful fox symbolizes a cunning ability, quick thinking, adaptability, cleverness, and a strategic mind.

We are positive that you will love our handmade bath products as well, such as our Siren Multipurpose Spray. This blend is as lovely and enticing as the Sirens who dance in the crest of waves and wait for their prey on rocky coasts. These enchanting women lure men to wreck ships and dive into untamed waters through their bewitching music and voices. Although this blend is just as alluring as the women of the sea, it’s not nearly as dangerous. Take a lesson from the Sirens, and drown yourself in it. It comes in a 4 oz glass bottle with an even spraying mist top. Spray on as a fragrance for your body, to cleanse your room, or on your furniture before guests come.

Main ingredients include, Alcohol, Water, Natural 100% essential oils (lavender, rosemary, tea tree, clary sage, fir needle, juniper berry). Intention Infusion is to enhance the invigorating and stimulating qualities of the Sirens. The alcohol was infused with real whole lavender flowers and sodalite stones for weeks before re-bottling. We have many other unique bath products worth looking at.