Bath and Beauty

Evening Woods is the best place to find unique homemade crafts that use all-natural materials. We offer wonderful bath and beauty items and much more. If you are located near the city of Staten Island, NY, look to us for great natural custom gift ideas that will show how much you care. We sell unique bath and beauty items, such as our Medusa Soft Foam Soap. 

Here is a short description of our wonderful soft foam soap:

Poor Medusa, the most misunderstood woman in all Greek mythology. Once an innocent virgin priestess of Athena, she was turned into a gorgon after being assaulted by a god in the sacred temple. In some myths, the gorgon sister has ravishingly beautiful hair and alluring eyes. In others, her hair is made up of snakes while her eyes turn people to stone. Let the duality of this sweet and spicy essential oil blend reflect the persona of the complex Medusa. 

Main ingredients include Castille Soap, Aloe Vera, Vegetable Glycerin. Natural 100% essential oils (Clove, vanilla, cinnamon, orange, anise).

Intention Infusion: Medusa actually means "guardian, protectress". To enhance these qualities of Medusa, the soap was infused with a cinnamon stick, whole anise stars, and we let a tiger's eye stone sit in the soap for weeks.

This soap can be used on your face, hands, feet, body, and in the bath. Whatever your purpose, cleanse yourself with this all in one magical elixir. Go to to find out more about our Medusa Soft Foam Soap and other products.